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Can private school choice get traction in the Texas House?

81 percent of the key committee is opposed. Continue reading

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Why is private school choice stuck in Texas?

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You can’t pass a private school choice law if your only reliable supporters are the far right and families that are already in private schools. Continue reading

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A case against mandatory reporting of sexual assault

Because sexual assault is often underreported, lawmakers sometimes propose mandatory reporting laws. Yet advocates for sexual assault survivors commonly oppose mandatory reporting. On Deeds Not Words, UT Public Affairs students Hailey Pulman and Katherine Protil explain why.

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How consistent is the evidence for private school choice?

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Advocates for school choice often assert that nearly all rigorous studies have found positive effects of private school choice. But the evidence is actually quite mixed. Continue reading

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In Texas, 90 percent of sexual assault kits take over 90 days to process

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Without new processes or resources, state crime labs cannot keep up with their caseload. Continue reading

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Texas private schools look nothing like you imagine

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In movies and TV shows, nearly all private institutions look like east coast prep schools. In reality, 4 out of 5 private students attend religious elementary schools. Continue reading

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