Horse racing

During Triple Crown season, I write data journalism about horse racing. I figure other people spend 3 hours every weekend watching football or baseball games. I spend two minutes watching a horse race, and use the time I save to analyze data and write about it.

  1. The rise, fall, and rise of Hispanic jockeys in America.” Thoroughbred Racing Commentary, 2017. (Why are over half of top US jockeys Hispanic?)
  2. Riding more female jockeys could save thoroughbred racing.” 2017. (Jockeys can’t weigh more than 120 pounds. Why are 90 percent of jockeys men?) With Caroline Rutherford and Kerry Keyes.
  3. Gender and weight among thoroughbred jockeys: Underrepresented women and underweight men.” Socius. 2017. (Male jockeys dominate thoroughbred racing, but keeping their weight at levels more typical for women takes a toll on their health.)
  4. Is the Belmont Stakes too long for modern horses?” (No.) Thoroughbred Racing Commentary. 2016.
  5. What would be fair odds on American Pharoah?Thoroughbred Racing Commentary. 2015. (I didn’t predict that American Pharoah would complete the Triple Crown, but I thought his chances were better than California Chrome’s.)