Can private school choice get traction in the Texas House?

On April 27, the House Public Education Committee heard testimony on HB1335, “relating to the establishment of an education savings account program for certain children with special needs and other educational disadvantages.”

Will this bill pass out of Committee? The Committee Chair is an outspoken opponent of similar programs, and it’s worth remembering that, on April 6, 70 percent of the House voted Yes on Amendment 8 to the general appropriation bill, which declared that state funds “may not be used to pay for [an] education savings account” or any other form of private education.

I checked, and among those who voted for Amendment 8 were 9 of the 11 members of the House Public Education Committee.

Committee member Position Party Vote on Amendment 8
Huberty, Dan Chair R Y
Bernal, Diego Vice Chair D Y
Gooden, Lance R Y
King, Ken R Y
Koop, Linda R Y
VanDeaver, Gary R Y
Allen, Alma A. D Y
Deshotel, Joe D Y
Dutton Jr., Harold D Y
Bohac, Dwayne R N
Meyer, Morgan R N
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